Yamaha SR 400


This is a really popular bike and they’re often customized, especially the handlebars.


~ by tokyo2wheels on February 23, 2008.

14 Responses to “Yamaha SR 400”

  1. I love my SR400….pity there arent more in my country (UK)

  2. I have one in the UK too! Yep they are a rarity, now I know there are two over here! mines a 1988 model,

  3. Anyone have any advice on exporting them from Japan? I want to import one to Canada, but because of import laws, I think I have to find one that’s 15 years old or older, and has not (unfortunately) been customized much.

    Anyone gone through this kind of thing before?

  4. seams like this bike is most wanted, but about the strange law not possible to buy not only in Europe but also in America.
    Anyone have an idea, how to get it out on Japan?!

  5. just sending one over from Thailand ! 1978 model, looks the dogs !

  6. can anyone leave some pointers on importing this sr400’s into the UK .. little info on the web !
    Struggling to find a repair manual also !


  7. I have an Sr400 in UK may be more than we think. 1993 model.

  8. still struggling with spares ! ! anyone help ?


  9. PLEASE HELP FIND A SERVICE / OWNER’S MANUAL!!! Ready to pay for it.

  10. this website has every service manual. Cost about $3 to download…

    I have actually just imported a sr400 into australia from japan. Pain in the arse! check out my site for some sweet SR’s.

  11. check out my site for Sr400’s…. http://www.pipeburn.com

  12. managed to get my baby bck over from Thailand. took 3 months, little over a grand in costs, various roads to follow for registration, tax, mot etc etc but fimally she’s bck on the road in the UK ! sweet !
    may even consider working on importing more if i can source spares, engine parts etc from Thailand or Japan direct … any leads anyone ?

  13. I am looking to buy a Yamaha SR400 or SR500 in UK but i cant find one for sale, if anyone knows where can i look for one please let me know. Thanks in advance, Gaz

  14. I live in Thailand, have an SR and can help with new and used parts (Thai and Japanese parts).
    If you’re interested contact me here: soundstream1111@gmail.com
    or visit my blog omega-racer.blogspot.com

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